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'What's up with all the sinkholes?'



Something I underlined in a paper by geologist Clint Kromhout that I saw mentioned in a short piece the other day from The Atlantic:

Population growth has likely played the largest role in the perception that sinkholes are occurring more frequently. "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Figuratively, sinkholes fall under that same quandary. In order for us to know a sinkhole has occurred, someone has to observe it. As we know, the population of our state is always growing, more people means more eyes and ears, and more media reporting outlets to document things. As Florida's population grows it expands into areas which may be potentially more susceptible to sinkhole formation. Therefore, as our population grows, covering more areas of the state, more sinkholes are being witnessed and reported. In this digital age news travels as fast as the telephone, television, and internet can distribute it, especially when an event is tragic (Seffner sinkhole tragedy) or novel (sinkhole forms in a lake and drains it).

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