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Pig as a pet

Special to SNN



Having a pig as a pet is not something that you see every day. For me, that's the reason I wanted one.
I got Maggie on March 22 of this year. I begged my mom for a pig for about four years and she always said no. Then two years ago, I had to stop doing sports because I injured my shoulder and knee. On March 19, I had shoulder surgery and my mom wanted to give me something to keep me occupied so she finally said yes to me having a pig.

I looked on Craigslist and found a couple who sells pigs all the time and they live right around the corner from me. So I texted my cousin and told my mom that I found a place and I contacted the couple to set up a time to go over. Maggie was $380.

Bringing Maggie home the first time wasn't that hard because she was so tired from medicine that she had just taken. She slept all day and barely ate anything. That night, she screamed the whole time so I barely got any sleep. After that, we decided to keep her in the spare room at night to sleep.

Maggie is a miniature potbelly pig. She's very sassy. She knows exactly when her feeding time is. If we're even five minutes late, she starts to freak out. She acts like she never eats. I feed her veggies, fruits, pig pellets, and when we first got her, we had to give her goats milk for the first three months because she was still too young to not be on milk.

Whenever she's doing something bad and I move her away with my foot, she gets mad and she turns around and nips at me. She always gets into the dog food so we have to keep our dog and pig separated.

She's very aggravating and at times I wish I didn't have her, but I wouldn't trade her for any other pet.

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