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'Birthers' spark noise, reader debate about President Obama's birth certificate



Obama_birth_certificate An Internet controversy that raged during the presidential campaign has resurfaced in recent weeks, posing more of a threat to Republicans than the intended target, President Barack Obama.

The "birther" movement, as it's called, claims that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but Kenya or Indonesia and therefore is not eligible to be president. The birth certificate that has been released and authenticated by numerous Hawaii state officials is a fraud, they say, and isn't the original anyway.

The St. Petersburg Times' fact-checking Web site has examined this issue several times over the past year and found a mountain of evidence that proves Obama was born in Honolulu.

Yet, the debate rages nationwide and among readers this morning. Here's a look at what some readers are saying on the issue:

"The racists still can't get over Obama as our President," wrote Richard from Tampa. "These losers are wasting the time of those trying to fix this broken country."

Sim from Tampa had two suggestions for the Birthers: "Get a life, people, and get a job."

Johnny from St. Pete had his own conspiracies: "He isn't a US Citizen. He isn't a man, he is a woman dressing like a man. He is not from Earth. He came from the planet Zorgon. He (she) is also a witch."

"The Republican party is self destructing. This is fascinating to watch," wrote Ken from Tampa.

Dale from Tampa wrote: "We have much larger problems to worry about with this guy in office."

Your take? Are you still hoping to see Obama's original birth certificate or are you more worried about other issues?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:55pm]


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