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Buzz: No abusive comments in 2009, please


December's political blog The Buzz asks readers: How about some new year's resolutions that 2009 will be a year free of abusive or bogus Buzz comments?

Political editor Adam C. Smith cited a recent case in which an anonymous reader posted a comment about Gov. Charlie Crist using the name Linda Ivell, who is president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women.

A reasonable request to ask readers to refrain from doing that, right? Here's how readers responded:

Terminator: "Bogus, yes. Abusive, no. That would take a lot of people out of the mix who want to impart valuable information. After all don't many politicians abuse their citizens? What's good for the geese is good for the gander."

The Obtuse Norquista: "Here's what I do: I make up about half dozen IDs, then I post my vile hatred under one ID, my racist spew under another, my heartless anti-government spin under another, and finally I blather my hypocritical diatribes against the cruel lefty bloggers under an anonymous one. Works like a charm!"

Anonymous: "The lefties on here make some of the most hate-filled, vile comments I have ever read. Can't you little peons grow up and post a rational thought?  Like, ever? I mean, really...did your mother not read to you when you were little or something?"

You think everyone is waiting until Jan. 1 to honor Smith's request?


[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:47pm]


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