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Cabbies have their say



Today's Times story reports on the dangers of being a local cab driver. Since early April, two St. Petersburg cabdrivers have been killed on the job, the most recent on Saturday. A half-dozen others have been the victims of robbery or attempted robbery. None of the crimes has led to arrests.

Cab drivers have joined the conversation:

"On several occasions I was pressured to go to the hood at 3am by dispatch {at Bats Taxi}. Anything for a buck but it wasn't their rear end going. Glad I got out of that business. I'll pray for the rest of the poor souls that drive them!" Iuseto wrote.

Johnny wrote: " As a cabbie, I have two rules. 1)Avoid St. Pete in general,especially south of Central avenue. 2)Don't drive after midnight."

A former cabbie had a suggestion for addressing the issue.

"How about a giant class action suit to force the cab companies to install state of the art security devices on taxis!

Got a suggestion or maybe just soome sympathy for cabbies?   

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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