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Family members defend 87-year-old driver



A a car plunged into the water near the Sea Towers condominiums in Madeira Beach on Saturday, killing 87-year-old driver Robert Taylor. Readers immediately chimed in saying the driver should not have been behind the wheel at his age.

"Thankfully this man is the only victim in this. mandatory testing of all drivers over 70 must be in place. if you cant tell the gas pedal from the brake, its time to quit driving!" wrote Bill.

In a similar vein, JB wrote: "Driver 87 should not of had a license. Welcome to Florida"      

Two readers who described themselves as Taylor's relatives jumped in.

"I am the daughter of the deceased and want to say he was a man of wisdom, had his mental faculties and could drive! He was on a treadmill the day before, God chose to take him then. My Father taught me to not practice prejudgement," Belinda wrote.

Melanie described herself as Taylor's niece. "He's the most alert man, plays bridge, highly computer skilled, a photographer, juices fruits and eats pure."

Others thanked bystander, Terrance W. Roe, who tried to rescue Taylor:

"Bless you, Mrs. Roe, for jumping in to help! My heart goes out to Mr. Taylor and his family. Do not judge the gentleman - anyone could have a terrible accident at any time. We do the best we can in life and live it to its fullest! Rest in peace," KC wrote.

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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