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FDA going after Cheerios? Back off, readers say

Food_labels "It appears the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has its sights aimed at our breakfast table," writes St. Petersburg Times' consumer writer Ivan Penn.

Federal regulators said Kellogg's overstated the benefits of its Frosted Mini Wheats. (It doesn't really make kids smarter.) Now they're targeting Cheerios' cholesterol claims.

Penn says federal regulators shouldn't stop with cereal. How about some of the confusing labels on syrup, orange juice and lemonade (only 8 percent juice?!).

But readers don't appear so anxious to know the truth about what's on their breakfast table. Here's a sampling of what readers are saying:

Julie from Ohio says: "Don't mess with my Cheerios! I eat 'em because I like 'em. So back off FDA."

"Who really believes advertising hype anyway?" asks Kate from Tampa. "I buy these products because my family likes them, not based on advertising that is just someone's bright idea of how to get your attention. The public is smarter than that! We know that ads are gimmicks."

Dalt from Cincinnati asks why the government isn't focusing on more urgent issues: "Can't keep Chinese poisons out of the food supply, but let's play hardball with American companies over picayune

"Give me a frickin break," wrote Jim the welder. "The FDA obviously needs to back up and regroup. They have totally lost sight of whats important for the American public."

Your take? Do you really want to know what's in your Corn Flakes or Pop Secret popcorn?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:52pm]


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