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Florida's pension fund



January 15: SBA chief denies intervention in dealings with Miami mortgage company
Download a PDF of Ash Williams' letter to Gov. Rick Scott.

Read previous coverage of the Florida State Board of Administration pensions:
- Days before taking office as Florida's governor, Rick Scott said he's worried that the state's public pension fund, which posted a $16.7 billion shortfall last year, is in even worse shape than the public has been told.
- Managing a huge pot of public money: The agency manages more than $140 billion of public money, more than twice the annual state budget. The State Board of Administration invests on behalf of 1 million current and future retirees in the public pension fund, as well as for hundreds of local governments and dozens of other public organizations.
- A risky bet on the boss' friend: A deal to steer up to $100 million of Florida pension fund money to Bayview went forward though staff of the State Board of Administration and its paid consultants cited red flags.

[Last modified: Monday, January 17, 2011 5:42pm]


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