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Glenn Beck: Liar or eye-opener?



Beck_talk In today's St. Petersburg Times, Eric Deggans writes about Fox News' Glenn Beck and his legion of fans. 

"Critics call Beck a 'toxic asset' for Fox News Channel who 'passes off lies as journalism,' citing as Exhibit A his claim that President Obama is a racist. Left-leaning MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann derided him as an 'uneducated, imperceptive panicky whack job' after a segment where he misspelled the word 'oligarchy' on a chalkboard.

"But even during a boycott that has convinced more than 60 advertisers to move their commercials from his show to other spots on the channel, Fox News host Glenn Beck scored important coups this week — watching presidential advisor Van Jones resign after Beck spent weeks assailing his history, political views and public statements on his radio and television shows."

The Times story is generating a lot of feedback from readers and is one of our most viewed this morning. readers have posted more than 145 comments on the story (so far) and's Facebook fans have joined the discussion. Not surprisingly, comments show there's no middle ground here; you either love him or hate him:

One fan, Pammie from Seminole, wrote: "Love to listen to him! Count me in as a sick freak! Thank you GB for exposing the truth!

KG from St. Pete offered her views on why shes doesn't watch: "Glenn Beck is a delusional charlatan making a good living playing on the fears of willfully ignorant."

Fan or foe? Share your feedback.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:57pm]


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