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Has airport safety gone too far?



Scanner Columnist Sue Carlton writes about the new full body scanners coming to Tampa International Airport and says she feels like we're giving up too much in the name of security. "Safety" starts to feel like we are surely being punked," she writes. readers aren't looking forward to this new screening either.

Ann says this all sounds like a egregious invasion of privacy. "We are becoming a "Big Brother" country. I wonder when they are going to ban books."

Mark sees some benefits in the scans. "There are possible benefits:' It's twins.' 'You have a kidney stone.'  'Better get that gallstone checked when you get to Chicago.'"

Eric says "Let's be clear. This does NOTHING to enhance your security- only the illusion of security. Traveling by air has never been safer because airline passengers no longer sit quietly like they did before 9/11. No matter. The terrorists really have won."

How about you: Will you feel a bit safer or a lot more naked?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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