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How would you rate Gov. Crist's farewell address?



Crist_state_110335g The man addressing the Legislature on Tuesday night is no longer a national model for Republican success, but rather a national model for endangered Republicans, writes Times political editor Adam C. Smith. He is a Republican Senate candidate fighting for his political life and he sounded less like Mr. Nice Guy than a combative and unapologetic candidate determined to cast frontrunner Marco Rubio as small and petty.

"Our practical solutions will serve only to inflame extremists. Take heart, knowing that it is we problem-solvers — and not they— who will move our Florida forward,'' said Crist in a barely disguised swat at Rubio, who has relentlessly criticized Crist for endorsing the $787 billion federal stimulus package. "We must accept being in the arena means enduring hecklers in the cheap seats where conviction abounds."

Read Crist's State of the State address, then share your feedback: Did Crist say anything to address your concerns about Florida's economy or the jobs crisis in the state?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:03pm]


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