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Welcome to Let's Talk! This is where we'll pull back the curtain, I'll give you insider info on how stuff works on the site, why we make the choices we do.

Got a question about why your comment on a story never appeared? I'll explain our policy regarding reader comments (and possibly track down your posting so that others can see it). Want to know whether we can remove a story from our archives related to a 2005 arrest? We'll correct the story if there was an inaccuracy, otherwise we keep our archives intact. I had to address this issue yesterday: The caller admitted he was convicted of the drug charge; he just wanted us to help clear his name from a Google search.

I'll also highlight contributions from our readers -- and let you know how you can contribute more. 

This blog is not meant to address the Times' news coverage. If you do have questions about particular stories or have a news tip, I can direct you to the right editor or reporter.

I look forward to our discussions. Let's chat!

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:41pm]


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