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When Kelley Benham gave birth to her daughter four months early, it forced her and her husband to make choices that no parent should ever have to make. While new technologies can sometimes keep micro preemies alive, many end up disabled, some catastrophically so. Whether to provide care to these infants is one of the fundamental controversies in neonatology. This is the story of how Benham and her husband, Tom French, made the difficult choice: Fight for the life of their micro preemie baby or let her go?

Follow the parents and the baby on their journey beginning Friday on as Benham, an award-winning journalist for the Tampa Bay Times, tells her story in the three-part series, "Never Let Go." We'll have all of her stories, plus resources, photo galleries, graphics and video at a special report page,

We encourage you to share your thoughts and your own stories on this post, or on the stories as they publish (Friday, Tuesday and Friday online, then Sunday, Wednesday and Sunday in the Times.) You can also share thoughts and photos on our Facebook page.

After the series, come back to this post for a conversation with Benham on Dec. 19.

Times photo | Cherie Diez

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