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Kids on a plane? The horrors



Airline travelers have lots to say about today's column on flying with a baby.

Bridget Hall Grumet  discovers her baby no longer earns her pre-boarding perks. No mention of tantrums or diaper-changing on the plane. "We need a little extra time to get settled," Grumet wrote. But readers took the opportunity to criticize the whole notion of traveling with a baby.

Chuck asks parents of infants to stay home: "I fly every week for work. Nothing is more irritating than the mom with the 3 month old on her lap next to you. New parents, consider staying home the first year and off planes, restaurants, and movies as a courtesy to others."

Ashley says: " Parents have to realize that your children screaming for two hours on a flight will irritate everybody. If someone makes a rude comment, deal with it. But your child is obviously uncomfortable, sad you don't care enough to think of their happiness."

"My parents were SMART enough to keep me off planes until I was past the age of 10," BK wrote. "If you have kids, DRIVE, or make gramma and grampa come to YOU. Your newborn won't remember the trip, anyway.

Then others jumped in to defend the harried parents.

ML wrote: " I'd rather sit next to a kid than have most of you overweight people taking over my seat. How about that!

Another reader wrote: "Did it ever occur to you that sometimes parents HAVE to take their little one with them, (funeral, wedding). And some of those times are scheduled for when the baby is supposed to sleep, but then the plane is not on time? Suck it up, buy earplugs!"

Ben Folsom of Alexandria, Va., shares his tales of traveling with 3 boys, including twins, on Share your travel woes.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:43pm]


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