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Links to letter to education commissioner, Hubble repairs, voter polls, Florida Virtual School



Florida Board of Education member Roberto Martinez, who is close to both Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist, has become increasingly vocal about two issues: education funding, or a lack thereof, and teacher quality, or a lack thereof. Read the letter he wrote to Education Commissioner Eric J. Smith.

Interactive report: The last repair mission to the Hubble

Poll reporting
A new St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald/Bay News 9 poll underscores how much Bush's shadow still looms over Florida almost three years after he left office. Our earlier stories on the same poll address other issues facing Florida's voters and politicians in the year to come.
Saturday: Gov. Charlie Crist's popularity slides
: Poll shows voters favor gulf oil drilling

Conspiracy Code
Conspiracy Code is Florida Virtual School’s first foray into online game courses. The 10-stage, two-semester game features two teenagers who try to save U.S. history from corruption at the hands of conspirators. But unlike most games, which supplement course curriculum, Conspiracy Code is the curriculum — and experts believe it may the only online game-based, credit-bearing high school course in the United States. View the Conspiracy Code trailer

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