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Links from the paper of August 24



Lockup: Here is another in the continuing series by Times photographer Chris Zuppa about life in the Hillsborough County jails. This report is Video court: On one screen, they see Judge Walter Heinrich working from his bench in downtown Tampa. Two video cameras transmit the inmatesÍ image back. They're present for various reasons. Some are suspected fugitives, murders, thieves, prostitutes and sexual predators.

Pythons in the Everglades: With no natural enemies except gators, pythons in the Everglades are reproducing like bunnies. Scientists think that tens of thousands of them are now slithering about, devouring native critters and anything else that breathes. It's impossible to kill them; most of them are inaccessible. So scientists are reduced to trying to study and track them. It gets worse, too. At least one study suggests that pythons would be right at home in a wide swath of the country from southern California to Delaware. Watch an audio slide show.

Paycheck to Paycheck: Facing foreclosure on her home, Maria Juhasz, 46, has learned that a recent appraisal says her home is worth $40,000 less than she paid for it three years ago. She is selling parts of her garden, piece by piece, to reclaim some of the money she put into it that she'd never get back when the house is seized. <Video

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