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Sami Al-Haj was released in Sudan after six years in Guantanamo prison. Watch this YouTube video from his release.

This letter from Sami Al-Haj to his lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, was reprinted in its entirety in Andy Worthington's blog on on Jan. 18.

Sami al-Haj's letter from Guantánamo was dated Dec. 27, 2007:

"It is with great pleasure that I pass on my warmest greetings and gratitude for all your efforts in regards to the case of the prisoners in Guantánamo Bay. Also I would like to pass on our wishes for the New Year and asking God to make it a successful and prosperous one. As for our news, we remain here for more than six years, and we still seek to proclaim truth, freedom and world peace.

All of this takes place in a world which knows what is happening but remains silent and does little more than watch this sorry theatre. By now, surely everyone knows that truth. The U.S. was the country that prided itself by bringing peace; now, sadly, instead it rains down violence and discord. Guantánamo is the most obvious example of this.

We prisoners entered Guantánamo alive, many have left it alive, and some of us remain in it, seemingly alive ourselves. However, those who remain die every second of every day that we are here. Each of us suffers new physical pain, and our injured hearts suffer from a psychological pain that can not be described.

All of this happens and the world remains silent. And, as it has been written, it is true of us:
I am alive and will listen if you call. But there will soon be no life for us who you call;
And if you blew at the embers now they would light up. But wait and you will find that you blow into ashes
Sami al-Haj

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