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Links from the Times for April 3: Grand Prix



[Dirk Shadd | Times]

The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

The Grand Prix hits the city's streets this weekend. But Thursday night the St. Petersburg Festival of States Honda Grand Prix illuminated night parade was under way. | Photo gallery | Complete coverage
Music video | Track to truck | Racing school

IRS may have bad news for double-dippers
A new twist emerged this week in the debate over "double dipping.'' Some Florida officials collecting both a pension and a salary could be facing federal tax problems, possibly even the repayment of thousands of dollars. | Our double-dipper list |

Rolling with the tobacco tax increase
At La Herencia de Cuba in Ybor City, Abraham Ramirez talks about the tax increase he will pay on the handmade cigars that his father has been rolling for more than 50 years. [Maurice Rivenbark |]

Evicting unwelcome guest is not simple matter
In Florida, giving the boot to unwanted houseguests involves going through court and spending money. If the tenant doesn't fight, the process can end within 25 days. Sometimes, it can drag on longer. And, in extreme cases, it can end very, very badly. | Backstory: Largo murder-suicide preceded by months of conflict, family says

The Skinny: Please don't deform the figures
The Playmobil company has kindly asked Pastor Markus Bomhard of Zirndorf, Germany, to stop customizing its little figures and creating biblical scenes with them. The company is okay with the religious figures. It makes some, in fact. The problem is that Bomhard deformed some of the figures in ways that make the company uncomfortable. Say, crucifixion. And painting Adam and Eve so they are wearing nothing but fig leaves. The company said it was concerned Bomhard’s Web site could encourage kids to disfigure the figures, which Bomhard does with flames. He took down the site, but Playmobil told him to put it back up while they work out a compromise.

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