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Links from the Times for Oct. 2: Random Act, abortion poll, BayWalk, tsunami



Random act: Read previous Random Act stories, such as the one about a kind stranger paying $800 to save a cancer patient's dog or when a cashier returned a man's forgotten $68 in change and the man went out and fed 30 homeless people with it. If you have your own Random Act story to share, email it to, and please include your name and a number where you can be reached.

Abortion poll: Polls conducted in 2009 have found fewer Americans expressing support for abortion than in previous years. In Pew Research Center polls in 2007 and 2008, supporters of legal abortion clearly outnumbered opponents; now Americans are evenly divided on the question, and there have been modest increases in the numbers who favor reducing abortions or making them harder to obtain.  Less support for abortion is evident among most demographic and political groups. Read the complete report.

Backstory: The troubles at BayWalk

Special report: Could a tsunami happen in the Tampa Bay area? (2004)

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