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Links from the Times, Sept. 15: Bollea lawsuit, Kevin White, teen runaway, father-daughter business, UT murder audio



Hulk Hogan files a lawsuit
Suit says Hulk Hogan was overcharged $1 million for attorneys' fees
Special report: The Boella's troubles

Judge speaks out on Kevin White verdict
Judge reaffirms that Hillsborough is also liable in Kevin White sexual discrimination verdict
Sept. 9: Hillsborough offers $100,000 settlement in Kevin White sex harassment suit
Aug. 26: Hillsborough County wants Kevin White to pay costs in sexual bias case

FLDE: Runaway Christian teen's parents wouldn't hurt her
FDLE report finds no evidence family abused runaway teen
Back story: The Facebook connection | Runaway to Christianity

Father-daughter business
Daughter follows father in controversial foreclosure prevention business
2008: Homeowners' safety net really wasn't

UT student murder audio
Tampa cops say voice may be UT student's killer's | Audio

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