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Murder still makes us tremble



Readers have their say about the 10-year anniversary of the murder of Vicki Robinson, killed by her 15-year-old daughter, Valessa; Valessa's boyfriend and a friend of theirs:

ms: "Keep her in prison for life, please do not let her out to have kids of her own, this girl is bad."

chele: "Vicki's murder created terror in my soul as I stuggled with my own defiant daughters' excalating violence toward me."

s: "I still remember watching trial coverage and seeing Valessa being groomed as the innocent little girl (mary janes, crucifix)."

Other stories readers are talking about:

"Seriously the woman is legally blind!! Maybe she should do the neighborly thing and offer to help!"
~ Cristina on Hudson neighbors clash over Seeing Eye dog.

This is a very sad situation, but can we blame the bartender? I am 27 yrs old and if I ever drink to much and die due to this, I don't want anybody to be blamed for it. Its just sad.

~ Mandy on Man dies after drinking more than 20 shots

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