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New feature highlights reader comments



We have launched a new feature in our commenting area that will allow editors to feature a noteworthy comment from a reader. When we select featured comments, they will appear at the top of all comments with a blue background.

For the first featured comment, I highlighted a comment by "Boppy" from today's story Hillsborough honors women who helped fallen Tampa officers; two faced criticism. Two women that rushed to the aid of fallen Tampa Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab describe being criticized by neighbors for calling 911.

"I've been called snitch. Asked why did you help them. You should have left those crackers," said Rose Dodson, an Ultimate Medical Academy student. "When I walked up on the scene, I didn't think about color. If it was a cop or not a cop."

comment_user_32-rev.pngHere's what Boppy wrote:

"God bless these women for their human compassion and sense of civil duty. They stayed with those two, brave men as they were dying. These police officers weren't left in the road or ditch by themselves while help was en route. Had it not been for these women, who knows how long Officers Curtis and Kolcab would have layed there before anyone noticed or help arrived? Anyone who calls these women a 'snitch' or other deragatory name should be ashamed of themselves.
"Good work, ladies. You should be proud of yourselves and so should all who love you."

Hopefully you'll contribute comments that promote healthy, civil discussion on and see your comments featured, as well.

Please feel free to let us know of any other features you would like to see in's comments area.

[Last modified: Friday, July 16, 2010 6:57am]


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