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Peterman 1. Florida juvenile justice leader racks up flight expenses: Florida's top juvenile justice official racked up $44,000 on travel — much of it for commercial flights between his office in the capital and St. Petersburg, where his family lives.

"He spent more on travel than I make in a month working for the state." ~ Mike7

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2. On probation in wife's death, Pasco man gets another DUI: Donald Hancock, who lives in New Port Richey, is charged with DUI and violating his felony probation.

"No sympathy for driving under the influence, sorry." ~ tmwmsw

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3. Tampa paramedics at right place, right time to save collapsed teen: In three minutes Saturday, Drake Williams went through a whole lifetime's worth of luck — both good and bad.

"All I can say is that my husband is alive because EMT responded to his car accident. Thank God for them." ~ Elizabeth from Seffner

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4. Brother: 'Everybody's in shock' after reports that Apollo Beach man set wife on fire: Gary Hanney says he knew his brother Chris was having marital problems, but they didn't seem serious enough to raise red flags.

"Nobody seems too concerned about the wife that was set on fire and could die from her injuries! " ~ VacantSea

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5. Lawsuit claims Florida is failing its schools, wants new education plan: Florida is violating the state Constitution by not pouring enough money into schools and relentlessly focusing on high-stakes testing policies that aren't getting good results, says a lawsuit expected to be filed today in Leon County circuit court.

"It's a crazy world, and the teachers take the blame for the results of bad parenting." ~ WaltersChick

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:00pm]


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