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New taxes for schools? Readers have other ideas



If it would prevent more budget cuts to Florida schools, would you pay a dime more for a frosty brew down at Four Green Fields? How about a quarter more for that pack of smokes? How about 1 percent more for just about everything else you buy?

As Florida's revenue continues to shrink by the billions, jittery school leaders are talking taxes.

" 'Tax' is not a four-letter word," said Jim Warford, executive director of the Florida Association of School Administrators. readers wouldn't necessarily agree on that point. They share some other ideas for keeping schools in the black.

Debbie says: "I bet us 'normal' people could get rid of millions of dollars of waste -- in both money and useless positions. More $ thrown at schools doesn't make a better education."

A teacher wrote: "Schools waste so much money -- mostly on the 'higher ups.' How many staff developers & curriculum specialists do you need anyway? We have plenty of people at our own schools to help w/ curriculum. Trim the fat!"

Lee said: "Realign the school budget so 75% of all dollars are spent directly in the classroom and THEN come back and ask me to raise my taxes."

Opposed to new taxes? How would you suggest schools cut costs?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:46pm]


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