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Nick Schuyler reveals gripping details about surviving doomed fishing trip




There was a moment after their boat flipped, after they were tossed into a frigid, stormy Gulf of Mexico, after they had exhausted all options to rescue themselves, when four football players clung to each other on an overturned boat to stay alive.

A year later, the only man who survived last February's doomed fishing trip offers details of that and many other moments in his book, Not Without Hope. These are the words of Nick Schuyler:

We began to huddle together, cuddling almost, trying to stay warm as the night went on. I thought for a moment that it was weird, four grown men clustered together like puppies or kittens, but it was necessary if we were going to maintain any body heat. I could feel everybody shivering and hear their teeth chattering.

Once, when it was quiet, knowing how desperate our situation was, I said, "I love you guys."

In the story's comments, several readers have suggested that Schuyler should donate profits from the book to the three victims' families.

"I'm sorry, I really feel for the guy being the lone survivor and the guilt, but I'm not so sure a tell-all book for profit is the way to go about doing it," wrote LeaderoftheBand. "Although I'm interested to hear what he has to say, I'm not gonna pay for this book until I know where the money is going."

Pegeen countered: "I cannot see anything wrong with him writing a book about his harrowing experience. I cannot see where it is hurting anything; he just wants to set the record straight. Maybe when people read the book they will not make the same mistakes that his group made."

Read the full story, share your feedback. Would you buy the book?

Schuyler's book, written with New York Times sportswriter Jere Longman, tells the tale in 246 pages of rich detail, mostly from Schuyler's perspective, supplemented with memories from his family, rescuers and doctor, reports from the Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and news accounts, including some from the St. Petersburg Times. See our previous coverage:

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