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No-zero grades: Will it help Hernando students or dumb down education?



Under a new policy up for a vote by the Hernando County School Board next month, the new grade for a missed assignment or test at the elementary level would be 40 percent. Translation: no more zeros.

The goal, district officials say, is to give kids a statistical fighting chance to turn around their overall grade — something tough to do even with a couple of zeros or a few very low marks on the books. But readers are asking: What lesson is this teaching the students?

Today's story is one of the most commented on; here's a look at what readers are saying:

"Wow. And what whill happen when these kids have to pass the FCAT on their own and are unable to?" asks Rene from Spring HIll. "The parents will be confused because their kids did well in school but can't pass the FCAT or did lousy on their SAT's. This does the children no favors."

Sully from Boston wrote: "The dumbing down of the dumb. How bizarre."

"This is ridiculous!" wrote Stephen from Tampa. "If they truly feel it is a problem (which I don't believe) allow the the kids to turn in missed assignments at a 20%/day penalty. At least the kids would still have to actually do the work. And if they don't do it at all, tough!"

Chris from Palm Harbor wrote: "This is why our Country is going down the drain. No one wants anyone to Fail. Failure and learning from that is what made this country great."

"I'll bet this has everything to do with No Child Left Behind and artifically raising a school's acheivement level, i.e., money, and absolutely nothing to do with properly educating young people," commented Frank from Clearwater.

Your take? Smart move or a case of dumbing down?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:53pm]


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