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Nobel Prize winners announced



The 2009 Nobel Prizes were announced this week. Follow the latest awards at Check back here for updates on the winners.

  • Memorial Prize in Economic Science: Americans Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson won for their work in economic governance. Ostrom was cited "for her analysis of economic governance," demonstrating how common property can be successfully managed by groups using it. Williamson, developed a theory where business firms serve as structures for conflict resolution.
  • Peace Prize: President Barack Obama won for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, citing his outreach to the Muslim world and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation.
  • Literature: Romanian-born German writer Herta Mueller win for work that "with the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the dispossessed."
  • Chemistry: Two Americans and an Israeli win for creating detailed blueprints of the protein-making machinery within cells, research that's being used to develop new antibiotics.
  • Physics: Three Americans share the prize for their work developing fiber-optic cable and the sensor at the heart of digital cameras.
  • Medicine: Three Americans share the prize for discovering how chromosomes protect themselves as cells divide.

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