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Older and fatter Americans are on the move, riding power chairs



scooter.jpgA man on a moped crashed into a man in an electric wheelchair the other night in the middle of Fourth Street. There on the front page of the paper was a police tape picture of one of those objects we see all over. The wheeled mobility industry calls it a power chair.

They're everywhere, it seems, dotting the downtown streetscape, a kind of ant trail from the condos to the Publix and back.

The temptation is to declare these are the new symbols of this city. Used to be folks sitting on green benches, God's waiting room and whatnot, and now it's folks sitting on … these.

Read the full story on power chairs: Older and fatter Americans are on the move.

And see our previous coverage on Tuesday's fatal accident.

[Last modified: Friday, December 3, 2010 10:02pm]


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