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Pasco neo-Nazi murder trial coverage




A second murder trial was scheduled for Pasco neo-Nazi John Ditullio, who is accused of killing a 17-year-old boy. His first ended in mistrial Friday.
Dec. 14: Second murder trial set for neo-Nazi
Dec. 12: Hung jury, mistrial in Pasco neo-Nazi murder trial
Dec. 11: Neo-Nazi brothers framed me, Pasco murder suspect testifies
Dec. 9: Victim recalls brutal stabbing in neo-Nazi murder trial


Neonazi Ditullio unveiled his new look at the start of his trial; see photo on right.Taxpayers will foot the bill for a makeup artist to cover up some potentially offensive tattoos on the face and neck of a neo-Nazi during his murder trial.

Attorneys for John Allen Ditullio Jr. aren't taking any chances when it comes to the 23-year-old's homemade tattoos inked since his arrest three years ago.

"This on the side says 'f--- you' (and) is very offensive regardless of whether he had it (at the time of the crime) or didn't have it," defense attorney Bjorn Brunvand argued in court Friday.

After published news of the judge's ruling on Friday, the story quickly became the most discussed story on the site. Readers have shared their suggestions for covering up  Ditullio's offensive tattoos. Others think the jurors should get to understand his full character and see no reason for the makeup artist.

Take a look at what readers are saying, then share your reaction.

"Have him wear long sleeves, pants, and a balaclava to cover his face and neck. What will that cost? Fifty bucks?" ~ TheOne

"Cover Girl is $7.99 at CVS, Bare Minerals is $35 at Sephora, both a lot cheaper and would last the entire trial." ~ Sawjjs

"I'm sure that out here somewhere, we can procure a small steel mirror and a container of pancake makeup & a thicker liquid type. Then let this murderer do his own covering." ~ emchale

"It does not make sense to me that the taxpayers have to flip the bill for this. Put a hat on him and a scarf for all I care." ~ Avenger

"Why not just a scarf? Why hire a makeup artist when they could just buy a few things of CoverGirl and have him apply it himself, as the majority of women across the country do?" ~ Phoenix

"He needs a new tattoo: "LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE" ~ Yacht406

"Dressing them all nice is somewhat misleading to the jury. If the jury is going to see/hear evidence then they should also get to see what the person really looks like. Isn't dressing them up and in this case covering the tats tampering with evidence?" ~ LadyGator

Share your comments about the judge's ruling here or on the story.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:01pm]


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