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Is this perk too pricey?



Readers have plenty to say about today's story on Tampa allowing more than 244 police cars to leave the county each night despite rising fuel costs. The city will be spending $800,000 more than originally budgeted this year to cover rising fuel costs, but it has no plans to change its take-home policy. readers are divided between two camps: Let cops have a few perks vs. Let them drive their own cars to work.

George falls into the latter category: "Ripoff! Cops are nothing special. They should have to drive their own personal cars to and from work, like every other city employee. No wonder the city is going broke, kissing up to the police union. Don't like it? Send the cops your own money."

Dave says: " Yeah, give the cops the money, while the elderly and poor go without!! This stinks Pam and you must stop the waste!"

wants everyone to give them a break: "When you have a job that your family does not know if you are going to come home at the end of the day you should get a perk or two."

What's your take? Should cops drive their own cars to work? Or at least be required to drive a Prius?


[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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