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Pet lovers offer sympathy, advice to owner of cat killed by shelter



Cat Pet lovers are reacting to the tragic case of a beloved cat euthanized in a Hernando shelter mixup.

Maria Velez's orange tiger-stripe, Buddy, had been taken to Hernando County Animal Services after biting a neighbor. The cat had not been vaccinated and needed to be quarantined.

On Friday, Velez and her 11-year-old son, Austin, were looking forward to bringing Buddy home from the shelter. But when workers tried to hand over the cat they thought was Buddy, it was obvious something was wrong. Turns out Buddy was dead, accidentally put down a day earlier by an Animal Services worker. readers have expressed sadness about the ordeal -- and anger over the fact that Valdez didn't have her cat vaccinated:

"I cannot imagine your heartache. I love my pets so much and were this to happen to one of them I would be inconsolable," wrote Joan from St. Petersburg.

Brandon from Riverview wrote: "Thanks for ruining my morning! All I can think about now is my pets and how lucky I am to have them."

Some readers were a bit harsh on Valdez.

Lisa from Atlanta had just three words for her: "Spay. Neuter. Vaccinate."

"The saga begins with not doing the right thing in the first place. Why wasn't the cat vaccinated?" asked Tom from Lakeland.

Animal Lover from Spring Hill wrote: "Had the pet been vaccinated as required poor Buddy would not have had to pay the terrible price for his owners negligence. Put responsibility where it belongs."

"Why should we feel bad when the owner failed to vaccinate and then the cat bit someone?" asked 2cents from St. Pete. "If it was a dog it would have been killed for being aggressive. The owner has to bare some responsibility for the situation.

Read more comments, then offer your feedback: Which reader comment do you agree with?

This comes down to responsibility. Why didn't the cat have its shots?
It is a cat people! Get over the loss and get another cat.
I would fire the employee who made the mistake and that place should be sued.
Every business will make a mistake.
This breaks my heart.

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:54pm]


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