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Prince Charles & Gov. Charlie Crist



Crist As a beaming Gov. Charlie Crist and his fiancee Carole Rome posed for pictures in London Wednesday with the Prince of Wales, state economists were wailing about the latest signs of Florida's deteriorating condition.

"Taking stock of it all, one wonders if we've reached a pivot point in Crist's term, a moment when voters will look back six or eight months from now and realize that what looked like optimism was in fact cluelessness," Times Tallahassee Bureau Chief Steve Bousquet writes.

Readers aren't waiting to make their calls on Crist's European tour.

"Whoa Charlie - that's in bad taste. Off hobnobbing with royalty discussing problems you can't fix while the rest of us are back home losing our jobs, homes and unable to drive our cars. Get your head out of the clouds and get your butt back to work," Bobbert writes.

says: "Charlie Crist clearly cares about only 1 thing: being McCain's VP. If his sham marriage and overseas trips help him get the nod, he'll pay even less attention to Florida. Sink for governor!"

asks for help: "Prince Crist; Help! Things are bad in the sunshine state.  Have you noticed?"

Join the conversation: Is it just bad timing or is the governor ignoring Florida's woes?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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