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Quotable: What's wrong with sideburns?



DavidweberDavid Weber, a reader and Bulls Pit blogger, offers an amusing response to a Times report on a Pita Pit owner's outrage over a chair being stolen from his South Tampa restaurant. The Pita Pit owner produced a YouTube video showing security footage of the alleged thief.

From the story: "The pita folks saw you on their security video. They put it on YouTube. They don’t know your name but say you’re a regular.

"I'm the idiot!" reads a note on the video, pointing to you. (Nice sideburns, by the way.)"

Weber's response posted in the blog post's comments wins Let's Talk's Quotable honor of the week:

"First off, I had sideburns for a long time. They're cool. Deal with it.

"Second, I don't know the crook, but the cashier looks like a guy I had class with.

"Third, I don't think they make things in Idaho outside of potatoes and KKK members (KKK HQ is there).

"Fourth, when you're drunk, sometimes you need a seat. Why look around for a semi-clean curb or random car when you can have a portable chair? It seems to me that he was acting in the interest of efficiency. They should find this guy and put him in charge of GM!"

Read the story, watch the video, then answer the question: Are sideburns cool?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:48pm]


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