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Random Acts: Good news about people making a difference




They tried to talk her out of it, tried to find reasons why this was a bad idea or dangerous or just plain nuts.

But counselors, doctors, friends and family members could not dissuade 54-year-old Carolyn Brumfield from giving her kidney to a complete stranger a year ago today. The two women held hands as they sat in matching surgical gowns, entering a rare and lifelong bond.

"I looked in her eyes, and then I knew what gratitude was," Brumfield recalled. "That was special to me."

Read the full story on Brumfield's gift of a kidney.


Do you have a story about someone who goes beyond the call of duty? E-mail your tale to; make sure to include your name and phone number. Or share your story here and let us know if we can contact you. to  make sure to include your name and a phone number.

Tammy Horsley wipes her tears while Theresa FairLady holds Zeus, Horsley's puppy that needed expensive treatment for Parvo. Kainaz Amaria | Times

FairLady paid for Zeus' Parvo treatment when she heard that Horsley couldn't afford it.

Every day, people are making a difference in the Tampa Bay area: getting groceries for a sick neighbor; giving a bonus or day off to workers at a small business; visiting an elderly person who lives alone. Or, in Tammy Horsley's case a complete stranger pays an $800 vet bill so her puppy won't have to be euthanized.

Now, as a widening economic crisis cuts deeper into our minds and pocketbooks, the opportunities for goodwill are seemingly boundless. We would like to share with readers the many ways that people, randomly, selflessly, take the time and effort to help others.

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