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Reader asks: Is it time for a pit bull ban?



Brett Haywood of St. Petersburg posed that question after a 5-year-old Madeira Beach boy was seriously injured when a pit bullterrier bit him in the mouth on Saturday. 

"Just wondering how many more children (and adults) have to be injured by pit bulls before we actually consider banning them from St. Petersburg?" Haywood wrote in an e-mail to Let's Talk. "How sad for that five-year old child in Madeira Beach who was highlighted in the paper today. Yes, this kind of thing seems to happened with regularity where a pit bull will badly injure someone.
"Are all pit bulls bad dogs? Certainly not. Yes, they seem to have a tendency to behave in violent and erratic ways. We in Florida concern ourselves with problems with sharks, alligators, and snakes, but I would dare say that more people are injured by pit bulls than those three combined. When are we going to wake up and consider a ban on pit bulls like they have in Miami and Denver?"

Your thoughts? Should Florida consider a ban or is Haywood overreacting?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:54pm]


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