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Readers call Tampa Bay pot bust a terrible waste


June readers are fired up today about a report on 3 local arrests in a statewide marijuana grow house investigation. Currently, the story is the most commented on the site and one of the top 5 most viewed.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office arrested 2 people in Dunedin and another in St. Petersburg as part of a statewide crackdown dubbed "Operation Eagle Claw."

In St. Petersburg, detectives say they found 49 marijuana plants and two pounds of the harvested plant in the garage at the home of James Dillashaw at 1878 74th Ave. N. In Dunedin, they found two grow rooms containing 27 plants and 8 ounces of marijuana at 800 Main St. Bruce Kleinknight, 50, and Katrina Lynn Kleinknight, 38, were arrested at that home.

The investigation and arrests were deemed a colossal waste of taxpayer money by readers.

"Oh my God. 2 lousy pounds? That doesn't make sense." wrote Josh from Spring Hill. "I bet thousands upon thousands were spent making this happen. The war on drugs, especially marijuana, is ultimately a failure."

Dave from Largo commented: "The war on drugs a bigger failure than prohibition, what a waste of time and money by law enforcement."

"Enough already," wrote JR from St. Pete. "Waste your time on someone that is actually harmful to society. The Drug War has been losing since its inception. Alcohol is legal, but weed isn't? Cigarettes are legal? Alcohol and cigarettes kill millions."

Grandma from St. Pete described herself as a pot smoker since 1971: "I feel this is uncalled for. Go after real crime. Man made alcohol. God made marijuana. Who do you trust?" she wrote.

"It is much easier to arrest these non-violent types than go into the hood and clean up," wrote Nurse Nancy.

Others took issue with the operation's name. "Wow! 'Operation Eagle Claw,' sounds like something out of a spy thriller," wrote Mark from Conneticut.

Your take? Waste of your taxpayer money? Silly name?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:53pm]


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