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Readers disappointed over school's 'censoring' of Springstead graduation speech

Speech readers continue to react to last week's story about the Springstead High School valedictorian who was forced to rewrite her speech because school officials deemed it "too real." Readers have posted more than 800 comments on stories and written letters published on

The sentiments range from disappointment to disgust that the school "censored" Jem Lugo's address to her classmates.

A look at some of the comments:

Shame on Springstead," wrote Mom from Spring Hill. "You gave her the honor and then took it away by forcing her to say what you wanted. School board should have just said it themselves!

Marie Chapman of Palm Harbor, writes on "We have been in the process of  'dumbing down' our education system for a very long time, and this is one example of how a bright young woman was made to do something --- don’t give up your individuality to correspond with the common standard --- that her original one warned against."

Marcus from Metter, Ga. commented: "Her original speech is exactly the type people graduating should hear.."

John from Pinellas Park wrote: "Well her first speech was on point, her second was the tripe that I heard at every graduation I have ever attended."

"The Taliban, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, etc. would censor it too," wrote Lee from St. Louis.

This is an obvious case of the student being smarter than the teacher," wrote Tom from New Port Richey.

Carol from New York wrote: "As a high school teacher, all I can say is no wonder kids hate us. We teach them to be authentic and sincere, and then censor them when they are. This administration needs to chill out!"

Curt from Brandon thought Lugo did the right thing by reading the revised speech: "College or your first real job is much more important than a graduation speech."

Monsieur from Paris had just two words for Lugo: "Bravo Jem!"

Read both speeches, share your thoughts: Were you offended by Lugo's first speech? Outraged by the school's action?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:53pm]


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