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Readers have their say about wedding for therapy dogs



Puppylove Dog lovers must be relieved to see some happy news after Tuesday's story about a starving puppy being rescued from a Lutz home. This morning's most commented story? Therapy dogs getting married at Tampa General Hospital.

"The blushing bride: a female chihuahua named Chicklet. Her betrothed: an American Field Lab named Blake. Chicklet's and Blake's owners, Pam Dickens and Ruth Cowan, have been taking dogs to TGH every Thursday morning for years to comfort hospitalized children. Chicklet and Blake also visit H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center each week."

The ceremony will be held 10:30 a.m. Thursday in the hospital's child life playroom.

What do readers have to say about this tale of puppy love?'

"Well, this pic made my day! LOL, so random," wrote Britt from Tampa.

B. from Valrico: "I worked at TGH and many other inpatient facilities that utilize pet therapy. This is a great opportunity for the children to redirect focus in a positive and fun way. I think is a great intervention activity to increase patients mood and spirits."

When a reader criticized the Times for publishing a 'trivial' story, readers rallied in defense.

L from Clearwater responded: "Ever think maybe they did this for the kids! Geez have some compassion. I think its a GREAT idea! Nothing us taxpayers have to pay for its all charity from the workers at the hospital.This is sweet."

And D from Seminole chimed in: "Get a grip. I agree that it's silly, but the world doesn't stop because of a bad economy and jobless people. It looks like the "ceremony" cost very little, and the costumes were hand made by a volunteer. A little levity in bad times is good."

Some readers found a way to make a political statement about the nuptials. "No gay marriage, but yes to dog marriage," wrote Rick from Tampa. "This is disgusting and cheapens the sanctity of marriages everywhere."

Your take? Trivial or touching?

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