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Readers have their say: Top 10 quotes of the week



As we near the end of the second week of our new registration system, I'd like to welcome more than 2,100 readers to's community. Thanks to everyone who took the time to register and for being active members of the site.

CommentA number of stories sparked lively discussions this week: a letter from Gov. Crist, a police shooting in Indian Shores and Floridians' support of gulf oil drilling, to name a few hot topics. Here is a look at 10 memorable quotes from readers this week:

Gov. Crist: Working every day for Florida

"Honestly now, would anyone even notice if the 'Governor' took all 52 weeks a year off?" Habilis wrote. 

Ripley's said: "Believe it or not, he did not even write this essay. One of his staffers did; he was too busy at the George Hamilton tanning salon."

With big arts plan stalled, attention turns to Beach Drive for Chihuly gallery

 "To call Chihuly's work incredible is an understatement; most of his pieces are mind-blowing. Like the Dali Museum, Chihuly's presence will indeed be a treat for St.Petersburg." ~ Mattgordonm.

"The Beach drive idea is better than Central Ave. Or how about ChihulyWalk?" asked Canyonecho.

Wife: Man killed in Indian Shores police shootout had been depressed for days

"What's sad is his wife is probably going to blame herself. The situation is sad. He was sick & needed help." ~ LadyBug1969.

Walterschick wrote: "Baker Acts are a Band-Aid, that's it. Out in 24 hours if you say what they want to hear. Cold hard truth."

Poll shows voters favor gulf oil drilling

"Let's drill for oil, gamble with the Seminoles, and forget health care. Live for today!" ~ anienus.

frankmputhoff commented: "No one asked me. Strongly oppose drilling; support public option; anti gambling."

Cuban Club forces reggae singer to refrain from using anti-gay lyrics

Dr_Dug wrote: "Music is by definition 'ART FORM,' which, last I checked, gave freedom of speech and expression."

"The constitutional right to free speech applies only against any government's attempt to suppress it. Private entities, like the Cuban Club, are free to promote or discourage any speech they like," wrote Bayshore Patriot. "The Cuban Club should have been smart enough to decline to promote this hatemonger."

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