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Readers to Jennifer Porter: Finish your probation

[Jennifer Porter, middle, with her parents in court during her sentencing hearing in November 2005. Daniel Wallace | Times]

Jennifer Porter, the former Hillsborough County dance teacher who avoided prison after fleeing an accident that killed two children and injured two others, wants to get off probation early.

Porter, who is halfway through her three-year probation, is scheduled to be in court Thursday.

But her attorney says Porter, 33, deserves the reprieve. “She has been impeccable in her conduct and her respect in the system as evidenced by how well she’s done on probation,” Barry Cohen said.

Critics already thought her punishment was too lenient, and many readers are expressing outrage that Porter would even consider making such a request. 

A look at what readers are saying:

Thursby from Winter Haven called the Porter case an accident and a crime. "She hid her car for several days, that's a crime. He family assisted her, but were never charged. Were they ALL in shock?? Horrible injustice here, just horrible."

"Justice system, what a joke," wrote JS. "Jennifer, do your probation. You have already gotten off scott-free."

Leslee from St. Pete wrote: "You have got to be kidding me. She deserves to NEVER drive again."

"She killed two children," wrote Angel from Clearwater. "She should have to do every bit of the three years of probation."

"Her freedom is an offense to justice: a demonstration that the criminal justice system does not work," Dagnabbit wrote. "Perhaps this time, the judge and prosecutors will give her an award. Her parents should be in jail for helping her conceal her crime. Disgusting."

"I'm sorry, she killed 2 children not to mention injuring 2 others AND leaving the scene. She avoided prison. I don't think it's too much to ask that she finish probation. That mother isn't going to get her 2 children back ever," wrote Lara from St. Pete.

Along with these harsh words came some support:

Pat P from Largo tries to set angry readers straight: "This is not a murder; try to stay with the story. We don't execute people in traffic accidents, this whole story is ridiculous."

Jen from Michigan wrote: "It was an ACCIDENT, and she was only guilty of leaving the scene. Read the entire 5-part story with an open mind, try to mentally put yourself in her situation. PS: She is a very good person and friend."

Nina from St. Pete Beach responded to Jen: "Jen: Save your breath, people want a scapegoat for all their own problems, and Jennifer is it right now."

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:52pm]


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