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Readers see no harm in Bikini Day car wash. None at all.




As James Brown stood in front of the Bubble Bee Wash & Lube in Tarpon Springs, his blue Ford F-250 truck emerged from its cleaning. Within seconds, four women, all wearing bikini tops and carrying two towels, walked toward the vehicle.

One climbed into the truck's bed. The others positioned themselves along the sides and front.

Then, almost simultaneously, each began drying it.

Brown, 41, of Palm Harbor enjoyed the show.

"It's awesome," he said. "What better thing can there be than getting your car washed by beautiful women?"

But the St. Petersburg Times' Bikini Day story brought out some naysayers among readers. One reader, R from Clearwater, referred to the practice as a "subtle form of prostitution."  Other readers quickly jumped in to defend the bikini-clad ladies.

DC from Clearwater wrote: "Love the outrage. Have any of you been out to the beach? If not you might be in for a shock."

Dan from Holiday says: "At least they are working, doing an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Good for you!"

Tony from Port Richey says: "So many people are against things that show off the human body, I don't understand. We have so many other more important things in the world going on and showing some skin is priority? What a joke. Leave them alone, let them make some money."

JD from St. Petersburg
wrote: "As long as they are legally dressed this is a good marketing to draw business. Its up to the owner and clients to make sure they do a good job. Tips depends on the good service. If you don't like it don't support the business. To each their own I say."

Stu from St. Petersburg says: "Baseball players using their bodies and the disproportionate attraction people have for athletic exhibition for financial gain. Guess that makes baseball nearly prostitution as well, right?

Tom from Tallahassee offered support, and a tip: "I hope they wear lots of high-factor sunscreen. That sort of sun exposure catches up to you later on. And bikinis or not, it's still work, and I'll tip my hat to them for working a hard job."

Your take? Share your views -- or tips for the staff.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:51pm]


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