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Remembering 9/11: News pages, video from 'A New Day of Infamy'



911_extra_blog.jpgIt was a bright, sunny Tuesday 11 years ago when the planes started hitting the towers. And then the Pentagon. And then a field in Pennsylvania. In the newsroom that day, Times journalists tried to sort out what was happening, even as they moved to produce a special extra edition to document the day's horrible events. 

Remember, it was a time before Twitter, or smart phones or any of the more instantaneous methods in use today to spread information. Editors, photographers and reporters worked in stunned disbelief -- and then grief as they watched the towers fall. 

We're posting a few of the pages we produced that day and in the days to come. Readers are welcome to download them and share them as their own reminder about where they were and what they were doing when terror came calling.

 The page to the left above is the front page of an extra edition that the Times delivered on the street around noon that day. You can access a larger copy here.

This is the front page of the Sept. 12 Times. The headline is a reference to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, an event that President Franklin Roosevelt called "a day that will live in infamy."

Newspapers and broadcasters that day were confronted with exceptionally powerful images that required thoughtful decisions about what to show or publish. Some of the most disturbing ones, like this image that was published in the extra edition, showed people leaping to their deaths.  

This is a two-page spread published in the next Sunday edition, showing powerful images of the attack. (It might take a while to download.)

And this: a page that shows the New York skyline before and after the attacks. It, too, published on Sept. 16.

Want to see where things stand now? Here's the website for the 9/11 Memorial. And here's a live camera of the construction site where the Freedom Tower is rising. 

We also have a gallery of images you can use on your Facebook timeline to mark the anniversary.

And then there is this, a chilling video compiled by the Chicago Tribune. The images and sounds from that day are hard to watch.



We also share this video of a memorial service today from Shanksville, Pa., the site where flight 93 crashed as passengers thwarted the hijackers from their mission of crashing the plane in Washington, D.C.



[Last modified: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 10:41am]


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