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Say hello to Gigya, our new commenting tool


April, the website of the Tampa Bay Times, is introducing new features to create a more personalized experience, simplify sharing and promote a responsible and richer online community. The new features include an interactive suite of new tools and a revamped commenting system. We welcome you to watch the video introduction.

Register and personalize
If you don’t already have a account, setting one up is easy. Choose the register tab at the top right of any website page and select the desired social network or email account you want to use to register for Using an existing social identity to register offers full personalization, making it easy to connect and share with friends and followers.

Although it provides less personalization, creating a account from scratch also is an option. Just choose the option on the right side of the registration screen and fill out the various requested fields.

To link an existing account with a social account, simply register with the account of your choice, then click your name as it appears on the very top right of the website. You will be taken to a profile page that allows you to link the accounts.

Comment and converse
Once you have registered, you are ready to start conversations around our content. Go to the story or content of your choice, click the “join the discussion” link at the bottom and a comment box will open, allowing you to comment. Your observations will appear with your name, next to the photo from the social or email account you used to register.

React and share
Our new share bar, a nifty tool built for seamless delivery, makes it easy to let friends know what you’re reading and viewing on or to keep them in the know about Things to Do. With a single click, users can share content to multiple social feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon and email accounts.

Sometimes we react quickly to stories or videos. makes it easier to communicate these reactions with new buttons located at the bottom of our content. All you have to do is choose a reaction, such as “Important,” and specify a social network. The result will appear in your social feed so friends also can view and react.

To learn more, read our FAQ.

So what are you waiting for? Get started by creating an account and becoming a part of the Tampa Bay Times online community today. Have questions or concern? Leave us a comment below or email us at [email protected]

[Last modified: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 1:37pm]


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