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Secret deals & a shady contractor

Hot topics for chatter this morning:

St. Petersburg City Council member Bill Dudley votes to give $12.7-million to keep Jabil here because, he said, the city staff told him to.

Readers have their say:

Jon: "Spend billions on government waste it is OK. Spend a few million to save real jobs it is a scandel."

Dan: "Secret Deals with public money sews the seeds of corruption. The government has no money. They are playing with our money and they're not allowed to tell us what we're buying? What's wrong with this picture?"

Piobair: "So now Big Business is going to hold our jobs for ransom, and if Nielsen's any indication, once they've been payed off kill them anyway. Who's next? Raymond James? Raytheon? Tech Data? I bet their lawyers are lining up on City Halls steps as we speak."


The state filed grand theft charges against contractor Jack B. Quick accusing him of bilking two St. Peteresburg homeowners of a combined $47,000.

Eric: "I was ripped off too many times, and I quit. It's expected. People should find other ways to get even w/these creeps."

Lyn: "Doesn't the state have real crimes to prosecute. No one will win.Waste of taxpayers $."

Another reader, Damien, wrote a nursery rhyme for the contractor: "Oh Jack you're nimble;, Jack B. Quick, I hope that all these charges stick."

Which stories made you vent or turn to poetry today?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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