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See week's 5 most discussed stories: Gainesville pastor, Pam Bondi's Katrina dog



pastor_korans.jpgHere's a look at stories that got our readers talking in the past week. Our most discussed topics from the last seven days included the Gainesville pastor planning to burn Korans, Rachel Wade's sentencing and lingering bitterness over Pam Bondi's Katrina dog.

See the top 5, along with one of the highest rated comments for each story:

1. Defiant Gainesville pastor goes ahead with plans to burn Korans despite pleas

"These people are an embarrassment to everyone in the state. Ask yourselves, would Jesus burn a copy of the Koran? People like these are just as bad as the terrorists, they give all Christians a bad name, and, endanger our troops by inflaming all Muslims." ~ Snookmaster

2. As Bondi runs for attorney general, bitterness over dog lingers

"The dog matters to me, and I vote." ~ Mayor of Moronia 

3. As midterm election nears, Obama on shaky ground

"Yes, he absolutely said whatever it took to get elected, and lots of people -- like all of the morons in Hollywood -- ate it up, without so much as a thought as to whether he had any ability to do the job of POTUS. ~ The Ultimate Authority

4. Rachel Wade sentenced to 27 years in prison for stabbing rival in teen love triangle

"Rachel Wade, I am sure, was taught right from wrong by her parents from the time she was a baby. Don't tell me her brain was too immature for Rachel to know the consequences of her actions, i.e., taking a knife with her while she actually tracked down her victim! She knew right from wrong!" ~ Porg

5. Pre-existing health condition insurance premium too expensive for many

"Under Obama it's too expensive and under Republicans it's non-existent. At least Obama was trying to get people covered and trying to lower costs." ~ FalstaffsMind

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[Last modified: Wednesday, September 8, 2010 6:03pm]


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