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r2d2 costume
R2-D2 where are you? Rick Mugavero made this R2D2 costume for his 6-year-old son, Logan. The costume had an iPod and speakers which played a continuous loop of R2D2 sounds.

We'd like to see photos of your favorite Halloween costumes. Share your pictures with us, then view them in's Community Photo Gallery and vote for your favorites. Here's how it works:

It's The Money You Could Be Saving
: Kristin Clery of Tampa shared this fun photo.


The Hoff
coming to save the day: Another cute shot by Kristin Clery!


Go, Bulls!
Pedro Rodriguez, Moises Hernandez, Danny Flores, and Danny Rico got in the Halloween spirit while tailgating before the WVU v USF game Friday night.


Balloon boy lands in Treasure Island! Gloria Ramos shot this photo of her son Antonio at the reasure Island Seafood Festival. zombie

Creepy little zombie: Sara Fuchs shared this photo of Susan all ready to be a zombie on Halloween. "She is only 3 years old and even has the zombie walk down," Fuchs wrote.


She's a grouch: Lindy Brown reveals how she created Connor's Oscar the Grouch costume: 1 ugly thrift store sweater, 1 lampshade (from same store) covered in duct tape, household trash hot-glued to the trash can and eyebrows made from fake craft fur. 


Christmas at Halloween! Lindy Brown says she had a blast making these costumes for Connor and Carlee.


Kristina Hanson submitted a photo of her Little Yoda, 6-month-old Kai.


: Kristina Benekos dressed 9-month-old Madisyn in a frog costume as she geared up for her first Halloween.


There's a snake in my boots! Maria Mora shared this photo of her 3-year-old son Simon trying out his Woody costume.


This costume's a winner! Sebastian Przybycin, a 16-month-old Naked Cowboy, won a costume contest Friday at the Green Halloween event at Hyde Park Village in Tampa.


Marie Martin of Clearwater shared this cute photo of her kids: Alyssa and Jonathon Weedo followed the Yellow Brick Road at the Halloween Spooklacular at Largo Central Park.


Rhonda Spruce submitted this Double Trouble photo on's Facebook fan page.


Cute bunny! reader Kathy Cheer shared this photo of Callie, 11 months old.


Here is one of our favorites from last year: Bruce Kulpaca of South Tampa labeled this photo Pretty Please.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:59pm]


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