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Shawn Ledesma gets probation in crash that killed cheerleader. Fair punishment?



Shawn Ledesma will spend six years on probation, including two years' house arrest, for borrowing his mother's car when he was 15 and causing a fatal accident.

June 2009: Mother, son face trials in crash that left another mother mourning

September 2009: St. Petersburg mom gets 30 days for son's crash that killed teen


Today's story on Ledesma's sentencing is one of the most discussed on, with readers debating whether his punishment goes far enough. 

Some supported the judge's decision:

"More than enough bad judgment to go around here, but I can't help but wonder how in the world I escaped all the stupid things I did as a teenager," wrote Mitch. "Putting any of these people in jail serves no purpose other than societal revenge. I suppose the biggest punishment will be to live with the memory of what a moment of shear stupidity has cost.The Mom was the most stupid of all."

"Knowing this family, I think the sentence is appropriate," wrote Anne_sp. Shawn - you have a second chance... thanks to Raquel's mother, who owes you nothing. Count your blessings and make something of yourself... make your life count!

Others found it far too lenient:

"The victims family were far too forgiving," Don from Tampa wrote. "While they didn’t want to ruin the defendants life, at least he’s still living. He could have served at least 1 year in county jail, followed by the house arrest and probation….and he’d still be young enough to start his life over."

"He should be in prison, and so should his mother.," Floridave wrote. "The victim's mother showed great mercy, but mercy isn't what the law should be about: It's about punishment."

What's your take? Too compassionate or fair punishment for a teen? Register to comment and have your say.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:59pm]


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