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Showdown time for Kenneth City's neatness police



Opponents of a proposal that would allow Kenneth City officials to enter homes and businesses they don't think are up to snuff are expected to descend on City Council tonight.

City Council members will discuss a 26-page ordinance created to help clean up the city, but critics are comparing the council to Hitler and Castro. One reader, John, wrote: "Not even the Soviets or Nazis dared to do stuff like this. This is bizarre."

Other readers expressed similar shock and outrage over the proposal for the small Pinellas County town.

Randolph said: "These council people should all be removed from office, the attorney needs to be disbarred and the people in this town should be commended for standing up for their rights."

Bob wrote: " You have to be kidding me!  This story reads like something out of a science fiction story."

There was at least one supporter of the ordinance among readers:

"Read the ordinance, people. There is no unconstitutional power in this ordinance. They must get a warrant from a judge if they are denied access to a house. This is a health & safety ordinance more than neatness and (reporter Anne) Lindberg is egging you all on," Tyler wrote.

The council's workshop will be held at 7 tonight in the town's Community Hall to go over the ordinance one paragraph at a time. Council members cannot vote at workshops, but they can decide to drop the issue, send it forward to a council meeting for a final vote, or send it back to the drawing board.

Does the sound of a 'neatness law' offend you? Or is the city simply looking out for the city's health and safety?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:46pm]


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