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Slices of life from front lines of Afghanistan



Village elder checking cell phone messages.

Liisa Hyvarinen Temple shared some interesting photos from her husband, Rex Temple, a senior master sergeant who is based in Afghanistan. The photo above "shows the need for cell phone/texting etiquette during meetings no matter where you are in the world," she says.

Rex Temple took the picture in Tagab Valley during a village "shura," a meeting where village elders, the Afghan National Army and the American troops discuss important matters, such a getting rid off the Taliban in the area. "And just like busy people elsewhere in the world check for messages on their Blackberries during meetings, so do the village elders here, " Lisa Temple wrote.


A roaming camel joined  Rex Temple's humanitarian mission convoy near the town of Serobi on the way to Tagab Valley in Eastern Afghanistan.

Stubborn donkey crossing the road. copy

A stubborn donkey also wanted to join a convoy of U.S. troops in Serobi (near the Pakistan border). Temple, and his troops were on their way back from a medical mission, so the donkey and camel joined the convoy.

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