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Snow in Florida! See photos from our readers




TinaMarie Chartrand of Largo said her family, the Cefarattis of Seminole, decided to get dressed in full winter garb and take advantage of this rare opportunity and hit the beach on Saturday to take family pictures. "It was pretty brutal as the temperatures were 34 degrees, but we suffered through it and got some great shots."

During our cold snap, readers shared their photos of sleet, snow and frosty scenes in the Tampa Bay area. Share your pictures with us, and we'll highlight them on's homepage and our Community Photo Gallery. Here's how to send your pictures:

Lynne Bettley spotted this frozen bird bath on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island Monday morning. "I know that you all in the north won’t think much of it, but the Floridians know just how wrong this is," she wrote.


Orange freeze: John Tucker of Manatee County took this picture Monday morning in Parrish, where it was "still below freezing at 9 a.m."


Ice took over our world: Sonny Ebsary of Tampa snapped this photo Sunday morning.


Sonny Ebsary recorded the freezing temperature in Tampa Sunday morning.


Ray Fossil of San Antonio (Pasco County) illustrated the drop in temperatures by showing pictures of his bird feeder from Sunday above and three weeks ago, below. He said he missed several
shots yesterday morning because the sleet "would hit their tails just as I focused and clicked."



Jacquelin Burnette had a snowball ready to be thrown in Inverness after snow flurries and sleet arrived Saturday morning.


Rio Valentine shared this photo of his snowy windshield in Beverly Hills.


David Krauss spotted icicles on his Palm tree this morning.


A Spring Hill boy enjoys a snowball fight with his mom.


Cathy Mehrl shot this photo at 5 a.m. outside her Crystal River home.


Three-year-old Jake Gould experienced snow for the first time this morning in Ocala.

Justin Fuller took these snow photos at about 10:30 this morning in Hernando County.

Cathy Mehrl shot this photo of snow falling in Crystal River at 5 this morning.

SNOW! 20100109
Have a seat: Terry Bogard took this photo at about 9:45 this morning on his lanai in Hernando (Citrus County).

Snow 036

Bob Davis snapped this photo of his snow-covered roof in Inglis, Levy County.

Snow 037

Bob Davis of Inglis also shot this photo of a snow-covered bench outside his home.


Bonnie Dingler snapped a snow photo this morning in Inverness.


Marc and Jan Seligman shared this photo of their birdcage outside their Land O'Lakes home. "Maybe its just sleet, but it sure looks like snow," they wrote.

Brrr 089
This is Florida
? Joe Stewart took this photo on Thursday morning in Pinellas Park.


John Melendi shared photos from St. Petersburg's last snowfall, on Jan. 19, 1977.


View more photos, share yours.


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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:01pm]


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